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Parish, City, State: Hogarth & Government until 21 June 2015

The Politician

The Politician

The 2015 election inspired this free exhibition in the gallery at Hogarth’s House. The range of Hogarth’s images includes his famous Election series, and the oldest surviving secret ballot box which has been lent by Wakefield Museums. They depict officials such as the beadle and the magistrate and reveal the corruption of elections before the secret ballot was introduced. You can see Heritage Manager, John Collins, providing a personal tour of the exhibition for the Chiswick Calendar here. The short film includes close up views of many details from the prints on display.

“Your Self” ends shortly

Don’t miss the last few days of the current special exhibition, an open show of over 40 self-portraits at Hogarth’s House, open this weekend and for a few days next week. It must come down soon to make way for the next exhibition focussing (appropriately for an election year and the 50th anniversary of the creation of the London Boroughs) upon Hogarth’s Election series of prints.

Your self 1

The House is open daily (except Monday) 12 noon-5pm, admission free. The beautiful catalogue of The Small Self, the last exhibition, is on sale, now at £3.

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