William Hogarth Trust
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Trust supports purchase of miniature

The Trust has made a donation to enable Hounslow Council to purchase a miniature which probably depicts Joshua Kirby, the royal tutor in perspective who was a friend of Hogarth’s.

Joshua Kirby and Sarah Trimmer

The acquisition was made possible with the support of a small number of individual local donors, to whom we are very grateful.

The miniature will go for conservation treatment by a specialist. It will be included in the new displays at Hogarth’s House when it re-opens next year, but we hope it will be possible to show it elsewhere at an earlier date.

Kirby’s daughter, Sarah, married into the Trimmer family of Brentford and Strand on the Green and went on to become a pioneer of Sunday School education for poor children. She remembered meeting Mr Hogarth when she was a small child.