William Hogarth Trust
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The Mulberry Garden exhibition, extended until 1 November 2015

The Trust has been delighted to support the new summer exhibition at Hogarth’s House. It celebrates the award of the development grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, and provides a first introduction to the proposals for a learning centre in the corner of the garden.

Bradley Flower Garden displayedThe handsome graphics, designed by Toni Marshall, tell not only the story of the garden from the 1680s to the present, but also provide a historical context, describing gardens and gardeners in 18th and 19th century Chiswick and neighbouring areas.

A remarkable small collection of 17th and 18th century gardening books has been lent by the Thomas Layton Trust and the exhibition includes handmade flower pots, old tools and one of the restored urns which actor David Garrick gave to Hogarth (there are replicas on the gate posts).

The exhibition is open every day except Monday,12 noon to 5pm, admission free. On Sunday 26 July, Val Bott will give an informal talk about the history of the garden and the project at 2pm.

Descriptions and images of all the books displayed are available here