William Hogarth Trust
registered charity no.1092251


A new Chairman for the Trust

At our Annual General Meeting on 3 July 2017 Vanda Foster was elected as the new Chairman of the William Hogarth Trust.

Vanda is a curator by training. She ran Gunnersbury Park Museum until her retirement in the summer of 2014 and was for a time also responsible for Hogarth’s House. A textile specialist, she worked previously at the Museum of London. She has contributed to Hogarth’s House events and exhibitions and was previously the Trust’s minutes secretary.

Val Bott, our Chairman for the last 6 years, stood down at the AGM as the constitution requires. She will continue to be the Trust’s representative working on the Mulberry Garden Project at Hogarth’s House.

Our trustees are Francis Ames-Lewis (Hon Treasurer), Jason Bowyer, Marcia Hurst (Minutes Secretary), Sally Jeffery, Martin Postle, Sheila O’Connell (Vice-Chairman) and Treve Rosoman. In addition Val Bott, Rosalind Elliott and Anna Jackson are members of the executive committee.