William Hogarth Trust
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The Handsome Learning Studio takes shape

Our trustees began the thinking process for the future of Hogarth’s House by taking advice from garden historians, local historians, landscape architects and architects. It was clear the House needed a new space for learning and events as well as a garden that did justice to the Grade I Listed building. In partnership with the Hogarth’s House Trust/Hounslow Council, we developed the Mulberry Garden Project. Steve Pike, of AcanthusLW in Chiswick, was commissioned to design a building which was honestly modern, with no hint of Georgian pastiche, suitable for a garden, elegant enough for fabulous events and robust enough to house a learning programme with children and families in muddy boots. He has given us all of this!

4 years on, and a huge amount of fund-raising later, the new learning and events studio is beginning to be built. The photos taken from the top floor of the House show the Glulam frame, which will be clad in glass and given a green roof. It will be linked to the House by a beautiful curving wall of glass, following Hogarth’s serpentine “Line of Beauty”. We are very excited and hope visitors will be too when it is completed in the summer of 2019! More about the garden will be reported in future posts.