William Hogarth Trust
registered charity no.1092251



The Trustees are responsible for the oversight of the charity and provide expertise and practical support for our projects. We also have a supporting committee whose membership changes according to the kind of assistance we need for specific projects.

Following our AGM in 2018 our officers and trustees are Vanda Foster (chairman), Sheila O’Connell (vice-chairman), Francis Ames-Lewis (hon treasurer),¬†Marcia Hurst (minutes secretary), Jason Bowyer, Sally Jeffery Rica Jones and Martin Postle. All trustees serve on the executive committee, along with¬† Val Bott, Rosalind Elliott and Anna Jackson. John Collins, manager of Hogarth’s House, attends our meetings ex officio. Our Patron is Sir Peter Blake.

Francis Ames-Lewis, Val Bott, Vanda Foster, Sheila O’Connell and Lars Tharp formed the co-ordinating committee for the refurbishment of Hogarth’s House, completed in 2011, and continue to advise as the Hogarth’s House Advisory Panel when appropriate. Peter Riddington and Ashleigh Murray of Donald Insall Associates provide architectural advice.