William Hogarth Trust
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Hogarth’s House & the Heritage Lottery Fund

Ellen Bramhill, the designer, showing plans for the garden to our HLF visitors

It was a pleasure to join Hounslow Heritage and Fund-raising Officers in welcoming a visit from HLF representatives in early November. The decision on our application for funds for developing an “exhibition garden” (telling the history of the site), with an elegant new building for learning and events in one corner, takes place on 30 November. If approved, this will bring in over £1 million towards the scheme, supporting a significant contribution from Hounslow Council, the sole trustee of the Hogarth’s House Trust.

The William Hogarth Trust has submitted numerous bids to many small charities to seek further support for the project and is delighted to report that so far grants have been offered by the Finnis Scott Trust, the Stanley Smith (UK) Horticultural Trust, the Sylvia Waddilove Foundation (UK) and the Country Houses Foundation.

Pet Party, Pug talk!

Pet Party at Hogarth’s House, Saturday, 3 September 2016, 12pm-5pm, admission free

For one day only, Hogarth’s House is inviting you to bring your own pets to see the new exhibition, Pug’s Progress: William Hogarth and Animals. Pets may spend time in the exhibition room while their owners find out about the lives of animals in 18th-century Britain through Hogarth’s art and explore the different experiences of animals in Georgian society, from pampered pet monkeys to overworked carthorses. Both owners and animals can relax in the walled garden during their visit.

“The Great Dog and the Man”: Hogarth and Pugs, a talk for adults, Wednesday, 5 October 2016, 7.00-8.00pm

Stephanie Howard-Smith will explore William Hogarth’s relationship with the pug dog, immortalised in several of his prints and paintings. The most famous image of Hogarth is his 1745 self-portrait with his pug, Trump, and the artist was closely associated with these dogs during his life and has continued to be since his death in 1764. The talk will also look at the history of the pug, which arrived in Britain in the late 17th century and was considered to be almost extinct in Britain less than a hundred years later. To book call 020 8994 6757 or email Hogarthshouse@carillionservices.co.uk