William Hogarth Trust
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Hogarth’s House update of update

We are very pleased that the House is once again open to visitors now that the York stone paving between the gate and the front door has been completed. It is now possible to announce the two extra short periods of closure, on 13 June and on 6 to9 July, when power and water supplies will be brought in from the A4 outside. The second closure is for 3 days so that the Listed York stone steps can be reinstated Please check for details here

Meanwhile work on the learning studio is proceeding, though very slowly. It is looking remarkably handsome, with the roof over the linking building reflecting the curves of Hogarth’s ‘Line of Beauty’ and echoing the glazed wall beneath, overlooking the garden. We hope it will open in the autumn.

The Spacehive crowd-funding scheme – to raise money for replicas of the Hogarth family’s pet memorials – was tremendously successful and brought us pledges of £2,133, just one day before the crucial deadline. All of the pledges have been honoured and the very welcome donations have been received. This is to be part of the creation of the ‘exhibition garden’ where planting and features will tell the story of the plot from its enclosure as a mixed orchard in the 1670s to the present.