William Hogarth Trust
registered charity no.1092251


The Trust

The William Hogarth Trust began life as a committee of the Chiswick Traders Association (CTA) which was seeking funding for a Millennium Project. We raised over £72,000 for the statue of William Hogarth, with his pug dog, which now stands in Chiswick High Road in West London.

Chrissy Blake was a prime mover in the project team, having campaigned to save and find a use for the Victorian iron railings which formerly surrounded an underground public lavatory in the High Road – these now enclose the small paved area where the statue stands. Hugh Brendon of CTA ran the campaign and acted as treasurer throughout the three years if took to raise the money. Patron of the appeal was David Hockney, who made his own major donation to support the statue project.

We wanted to continue to raise awareness and encourage understanding of Hogarth’s life and work so we became a registered charity, number 1092251, in 2003. We have supported Hogarth’s House, the artist’s former home which is now a museum, and provided a copy of the statue of the pug for the William Hogarth School.

Please note that the Trust does not run a museum or a library, does not hold a collection and so does not provide a service to researchers.

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