William Hogarth Trust
registered charity no.1092251


Hogarth’s House Centenary 2004

In June 2004 the Trust obtained a small lottery grant from Awards for All to celebrate the anniversary of the opening of the House as a museum in 1904.

We hired a marquee, put on a posh party, provided an “adults only” evening lecture on Hogarth’s work, ran two afternoon art workshops for families and invited the whole of William Hogarth School to tea and a Punch and Judy Show.

The centenary welcoming party:
L to R Cllr Pat Sterne, Jonathan McCafferty (Covent Garden Minuet Group) and Anna Jackson

The centenary party, 2004- Chris Frayling won the raffle!

family art workshops, 2004

a hundred jellies made by Chrissy and Rose Blake for the Hogarth School party

Mr Hogarth hands out the party bags, June 2004

Centenary party for William Hogarth School 2004